Oral Allergy Syndrome

Tens of thousands of people suffer from season allergies to ragweed, grass and other pollens every year.  We make our pilgrimage to the pharmacy to gather our traveling companions. Clartin-D and Visine.  

Recently I started learning about other ways to deal with allergies and that they do not need to be a permanent, lifelong problem.  Through diet change and using homeopathic/natural remedies to ease symptoms you can deal with allergies without using drugs.

But have you ever heard of Oral Allergy Syndrome? Me neither, until about two years ago and I’ve suffered with it my whole life.

Faking It

When I was a child I would complain to my mom that after I ate certain fruits or veggies my throat would get scratchy and tight. Sometimes I’d get hives on my face. She mentioned this to my allergist but he told her, get this, that I was probably making it up because I didn’t want to eat my fruits and veggies.

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4 responses to “Oral Allergy Syndrome

  1. I suffer from OAS. I too remember complaining to my mom after she would give me a banana with my breakfast when I was young. After I ate it it made my mouth feel weird and tingley. Then I hit age 14 and I had a strawberry banana smoothie and my lips got itchy and swollen. I feel the same when I eat kiwi, and any sort of melon. It doesn’t effect me too much though because I have never liked the taste of kiwi, melon of bananas!

  2. Wonderful post. Ditto for me! I’ve had people look at me funny when I tell them I have an oral allergy to something. The taste of these foods are also best compared to “spicy pepperoni”. I’ve also noticed, like you, that changing the makeup of the food can alter my reactions to it, canned (“processed”) pears, apples, etc, or cooked, make them more palatable. I recently discovered I’m not “sensitive” to eggs I’ve always purchased from the store it is something that is being done to the eggs/chickens. I started buying local farm fresh eggs as part of an egg essay I was going to do and found that they no longer give me the problems. It makes me wonder if the feed given to chickens (the eggs at the store) contains items that make my body think they are pollen?

  3. Just read this, rob has the same thing happen to him. I had never heard of it till I met him. actually his sister has the same reaction to fruits and veggies too. Certain ones. Thanks for sharing. Sending on the info! Linda

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