Quality Time vs. To Do List

If you’re a working mama, stay at home mama or work at home mama you know how precious nap time is.  You can either work, clean, read, write, make phone calls, cook or nap yourself.  This time is so valuable to getting things accomplished.

For me, nap time is a double-edged sword.  With our small house and a semi-light sleeper I quickly learned that I’m limited to what I can do during nap time but I feel somewhat guilty when I need to get things done when he’s awake.

I make it a priority to spend time with him before I start house work but at some point in the evening I do need to make dinner and hang up wet laundry.

To read more come visit the new More Than Four Walls site launched 4/9/12.  Here’s a direct link to this post.


3 responses to “Quality Time vs. To Do List

  1. Danielle, you can play music and set a nice song to repeat while he is napping or run a fan for some white noise. Maybe you have tried these :). Seems sometimes light sleepers just don’t want to miss a thing? lol My daughter stopped taking naps at 2yrs of age. She just didn’t need them anymore.

  2. I loved that post! So helpful, I don’t have my own kids yet, but hopefully soon. I have been a nanny for a few years though and during nap time, I loved to do the laundry, but sometimes I used it as my quiet study time, where I could read and catch up on a few things. I found that while the kids were awake, when I was outside they loved to play in the garden, with the dogs and in the cubby house. The little one enjoyed giving me the pegs/pins to hang the clothes on the washing line and if we were out the front, they loved riding their bikes/scooters/tricycle around the driveway.

    • The secondary reward with having them help you is it builds their self esteem and makes them feel valued. Just like the handing you the pins. I’m sure it made that little one feel so important to have that job!

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