NASCAR Camping

This weekend we are in Bristol Tennessee for the NASCAR race.  A family vacation we’ve been taking for six or seven years now.  (We’re not exactly sure how long.  We’ve conversed about this a few times and neither one of us can remember!)

Camping is Not Like Home

In my humble opinion going camping should not mean you have every luxury you have at home.  Why bother going if you have the same things you have at home?

Camping means getting out of your comfortable life and doing things a differently, perhaps the hard or long way.

We have a pull behind camper but it’s older than I am (let’s just say 30+) so it does not have all the comforts of home.  We get the cheap sites with no water or electric for $100.00 a weekend. (a pretty good price for being a quarter-mile from the track.)

All of this means some pretty cool things for the weekend:

It means showers in the shower house, water from a 5-gallon jug and electricity via generator.

It means slightly dirty jeans worn two days in a row and port-a-potties. (At least they clean them twice a day)

It means no make-up and blow-dried only hair.

It means snuggling a bit closer at night because it’s chilly.

It means early morning quite time sitting by the fire reading God’s word.

It means eating on paper plates around the campfire.

It means hot dogs over the fire and burgers on the grill. (and left over hot wings too!)

It means driver autographs – even if you have to chase after their golf cart to get it.

(This would be my brother chasing down drivers to get my husband’s pullover signed.)

All of this means laughter and memories.

It means things we can reminisce about years to come and laugh at these pictures.

This time it meant little man’s first visit to the track during Qualifying. (About 45 minutes with ear protection on; not too bad for an 18-month old I think!)


A friend who is with us on this trip comment yesterday about the differences between NASCAR and a football or baseball game.  For many folks a NASCAR race isn’t just an event, it’s an experiences, a weekend mini-vacation.   People are friendly and the campgrounds become like small communities.  Sure, there’s favorite driver rivalry but nothing like what I’ve seen at professional baseball games or college football games.

I love our weekend camping trips to Tennessee in March and August.  One day our plan is to travel to more tracks.  Maybe we’ll see you there!

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


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