The Laurabar @ Home

I first had a Laurabar about a year ago and I fell in love.  Just four or so little ingredients, no unpronounceables and all sweet goodness.

At $1.00 or more a bar they are a bit pricey and became my treat each month when I went shopping. I would have loved to buy a box of them but I could not see spending the money.

What Is a Laurabar

The base of a Laurabar is dates.  The lowly date.  They aren’t much to look at but they are the sweet goodness that makes the base of a Laurabar.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

After that, the rest is up to you.  You basically have a clean slate with which to work.  Must variations call for nuts of some type and then chocolate or other fruits.  It is so simple it’s hard to believe.

My personal favorite has almonds, chocolate and peanut butter.  Who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter?

Seek and Ye Shall Find

I found a recipe for reverse engineered Laurabars (AKA someone took the time to figure out how they made them and shared.)  YES!!!!

I made some Lauraballs, they were OK.  I even tried a few new ingredients but they didn’t quite taste the same.  They weren’t as dense as the store-bought version and they fell apart rather easily.

Recipe Success

I put Laurabars on the back burner (sourdough english muffins took their place) but I never forgot about my sweet little friends.

Then, as it often happens, I got a very timely email from Keeper of the Home with her latest post of 45 Real Food Snacks for Kids.  I knew I needed to make some handy, healthy snacks to take camping with us so I took the time to read through the post.

And there it was…..about halfway down the page….a link….a link back to sweet little Laurabars…..

Meet Foodie With Family

The link took me to Foodie With Family where Rebecca shares her recipe for homemade Laurabars.

This is a much better recipe than the first one I used.  It makes a thicker bar and the proportions of the ingredients lend to a denser, moister bar than I had before.

The basics are this:

4 cups of organic dates

2 cups almonds, raw or toasted

2 cup chocolate chips or carob chips

2 Tbsp organic peanut butter

See, I told you it was simple. See Rebecca’s site here for the details of the recipe.

Here are my notes: 

Dates – for sure you need moist dates. This time mine were a bit dry so I added a few splashes of water until I had the “paste” consistency needed.

Food Processor – Apparently my Aldi-bought generic food processor is smaller than most.  I had to make this recipe in two batches.  I was able to process the nuts and chocolate as one but then I had to do half the dates and nut/chocolate and then the other half.  It makes no difference.  I just dumped half into the bar pan and then did the second half.

Lining the Pan – I am a huge fan of lining the pan whether it’s crackers or Laurabars. It makes clean up so much easier and for these it makes cutting them and working with much better too.  Wax paper works in a pinch if you don’t have parchment.

I couldn’t wait to go camping to have a bar.  I had one already this morning with my coffee. 🙂

Try them and let me know what you think.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed

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