21st Century “Servant Girls”

“She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day’s work for her servant girls.” ~  Proverbs 31:15

Photo Credit: Daniel Ridgway Knight

I have heard many arguments that we, 21st century women, cannot be like the ever-popular Proverbs 31 woman but the one that seemed to make logical sense to me was that the majority of us do not have servant girls.

I struggled to see how I could literally get it all done, like the Proverbs 31 woman when she had “help” and I did not.

I’d love to have a helper that could help me get things done around the house.  When I first had our son my niece came over a few times to help me and it was such a blessing.

A Multitude of Servants

If you live in the United State, Canada, England or any modernized country you have helpers and you probably don’t even realize it.

Maybe you are sitting in your kitchen as you read this.  If so, look around.  If not visualize your kitchen. What do you see?  A table, a pile of dishes….well, skip over those, a refrigerator, maybe a food processor, a stove, even a dish washer.  In the cupboard you might find a blender and if you’re a real foodie maybe even a grain grinder. Is that a stand mixer on the counter I see?

Head to the laundry room now.  What ‘cha got in here? Washer and Dryer…most likely.

You my dear 21st century sister have helpers, 21st century servant girls.

Modern Helpers

In biblical times there were no washers and dryers, grain grinders (at least not electric), food processors, gas stoves or dish washers.  The servant girl was there to aid the woman with her daily work.  The wife and mother probably could not have gotten everything done with a helpful girl/woman by her side.

We too have helpers that come to our aid so that we can get all of our daily work done.  When I load my dishwasher and turn it on I am giving it a portion of today’s work.  My washing machine does it’s part by cleaning the clothing for me.  My food processor assists me in making a variety of foods.  The list goes on.

Living out the Scripture

I realized that when I write my daily To Do list for the home I am living out this scripture.  I am being the 21st century version of Proverbs 31:15.  I write out what I need to do and I assign those jobs to the wash machine, the dishwasher and a host of other helpers that I am blessed with.

I have no wish to be rich and have “hired help” but I am very thankful that I have some modern conveniences that aid me in my daily work.  When I stop to think of what I can achieve, what I do get done, even while working full time I truly do not know how I’d manage if it weren’t for these mechanical marvels.

I am thankful that I have modern conveniences even things like running water and electricity that aid me as I follow the desire of my heart, given to me by God, to be the keeper of my home.

I think my washing machine and my stand mixer tie for biggest helper in my home.  I could not make wonderful loaves of bread or pizza crust with ease if it were not for that wonderful KitchenAid mixer and I could not imagine scrubbing clothing on a wash board!

Which one of your helpers is the most beneficial in your home?

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed

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3 responses to “21st Century “Servant Girls”

  1. Oh, it’s the washing machine! I lived without one for 2 months (long story) and let me tell you how back breaking it was to do laundry by hand! I kissed the washing machine when it finally arrived!!!

    • Oh I can’t imagine!
      Growing up my mom had a washboard hanging on the wall (for decorative purposes) and I remember thinking how hard it would be to wash sheets on such a thing!

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