How to Hard Boil Fresh Eggs

Last April after we got chickens I was so excited to hard boil some farm-fresh eggs to use in salads and just to eat (I love a hardboiled eggs with some salt and pepper! Yum!). So I tucked about 6 eggs away for two weeks patiently waiting for them to “get old” so I could make them.

When the day arrived I promptly did my eggs the way I always did eggs.  After they cooled I began to peel. I had my heart set on eating the first eggs with seasoning immediately after it was peel. I could not wait!

So I peeled…..and I was left with this:

 Not exactly a presentable egg.  I struggled through the remaining 5 eggs with no more success than the first one.  I got so mad at the last egg that I gave up and threw it away.  (But I did eat the rest; they just didn’t look so great.)

I am a busy mama, I don’t have time to pick eighth inch pieces of shell off eggs.  I needed a better way.

After a bit of research I found out that store-bought eggs are nearly a month old when you buy them. So by the time you wait a week or two for them to “get old” they could be all but two months old…no wonder they peel! 

Granted eggs can last a long time and still be good if properly cared for, but what is one to do when on Tuesday your invited to a cookout on Saturday and asked to bring deviled eggs?  It isn’t very appetizing when they look as though they were chewed on before coming to the BBQ. 

To read the rest come visit the new More Than Four Walls site launched 4/9/12.  Here’s a direct link to this post. 


29 responses to “How to Hard Boil Fresh Eggs

  1. Loving it! Always looking for a better way to boil and peel my eggs. It can be so frustrating at times. This definitely makes it look easier.
    Have you tried steaming your eggs?

  2. oh I love it 🙂 hey I didn’t know you’ve checked out backyard chickens also. we love them!!! we got our chickens at the same time last year and we spent many nights on that site. 🙂

  3. Another method that uses the similar method, that I learned while working in a school kitchen,where we received fresh eggs, was to boil as usual & put in cold water & peel them underwater in sink or container. This is so easy, thay practically peel themself, plus it’s an easier cleanup.

  4. that’s really weird – I had the same thing happen with my farm fresh eggs and wondered how I was going to find out how to avoid it. Thank you for reminding me this is exactly how my Grandma made boiled eggs. Salt & boiling water, then ice water to cool them down to peel. Duh moment for me. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for solving this problem for me. I try to remember to put eggs aside so they get older (I read that you need eggs to be at least 2 weeks old for an easier peel), but alas I seem to forget to do it. I’ve been longing for an egg salad sandwich to have with my new homemade mayo. Woo! Hoo! I’m so excited. Guess what’s for lunch tomorrow?

  6. Found you on the barn hop. I have tried everything EXCEPT this, but to no avail. I tried your instructions this morning with eggs that were gathered as early as yesterday, and it really works!!!
    Thanks so much for this post…I pinned it on Pinterest!

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  8. Tried this tonight and it worked. The eggs were beautiful. We have had our chickens for 11 months and like the reader above had tried everything. Thank you for giving hard boiled eggs back to us.

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  10. Oh I cannot wait! I have been searching for the answer to this problem- one of my life’s frustrations 🙂 I’ve tried SO many different things. I finally just sort of stopped hard boiling them- not a great solution. Gonna try this right now! Thanks!

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  13. Danielle!! you rock!!

    your method worked great. I found letting them soak in the ice bath for 10 minutes minutes made it even easier to peel. also cracking the heck out of them before placing in ice bath is a good idea.

    thank you, happy laying!

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