My brother-in-law and I had a conversation this weekend about the downward spiral of our country and what might be waiting for us in the days ahead.

He and I are of the same persuasion – more than likely things will get worse, much worse if our government continues on the path it is now on.  We both feel there are obvious reason to prepared for food and water shortages, personal and home security and self sustainability.

My grandfather said for years that someday we’d all be living like they did when Laura Ingalls was growing up; except with less love and kindness.

I know there’s some mainstream light being shown on prepping with the new series Dooms Day Preppers. I have not watched it.  They way I see it the show is probably pitched one of two ways: Making these people out to be fools and total morons or it features only the most extreme of preppers who have a total lack of faith and are looking for doomsday around every corner. Maybe I’m wrong – If I can ever stay up until 9pm I might watch an episode.

So how can we be Christians putting our faith in God but at the same time taking steps to prepare ourselves for the future?


Find Your Balance

Don’t Put God in Your Box.

There’s a story I heard a long time ago that goes something like this:

A man was caught in a terrible flash flood.  He climbed on his roof to avoid being swept away by the water.  He prayed to the Lord asking to be saved from the raging waters.

Minutes later a rescue boat comes along to save the man.  “No thanks,” he says “I’m waiting on the Lord to save me!”

He continues to pray and the water continues to rise……..

Along comes a helicopter.  The man refuses again “The Lord will save me, thanks anyway!”

Waters overtake the house, the man is washed away and drowns.

Upon getting to heaven he says “Lord, I prayed and prayed why didn’t you save me?”

The Lord answers “I sent a boat and a helicopter – what more did you want?”

Don’t miss what God is saying to you. 

The Lord created everything so he can use any of it to supply our needs.  Who are we to say that he cannot have us save water or store up some food to prepare.  Who knows, maybe your stored up supply becomes the lifeline to someone who doesn’t know the Lord offering you a chance to prepare them for eternity.

Follow God’s Prompting for Your Family

If future events scare you or make you nervous pray about them.  We are not to walk around while we’re on this earth in fear or anxiety.  Ask the Lord to calm your fears. Remember that He is in control. Ask him to show what He wants you and your family to do and then do it.

Know the Basics

At minimum you can learn basic survival skills and learn basic life skills that don’t require today’s technology.  This is a very short list but it’s meant to spur you to think of what you can do.

Learn to sew a shirt by hand.

Learn to garden.

Learn how to make drinking water from salt water.  (Especially if you leave near an ocean)

Learn to make bread from scratch

Learn how to start a fire without matches

Buy a generator (a bit pricey but very useful)

Buy a radio –  the crank kind

(Dare I say it) buy a gun and learn how to use it

Learn to reload your own ammunition

Buy 2 extra canned goods each shopping trip and store them.

Keep a supply of basic hygiene products

Buy candles, lamps, lamp oil and matches

Most Importantly, Remember that God is in Control

If you frequent or occasionally visit preparedness sites you will run into folks who have zero faith in the Lord. They may even be believers but their lack of faith is evident.  Not all preppers are this way but it can be very easy to slip into a “doomsday” mentality and let preparing control your life.

God is in control and our faith must rest on Him and Him alone.  If you are preparing it should be at the prompting of the Lord but with a heart of faith and trust in Him.

Do you do any prepping for the future? What questions do you have about preparedness?

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


2 responses to “Preparedness

  1. Yep!! Couldn’t agree more. To be honest I didnt believe in God until 2000. I moved to Atl, had no idea why, and was dragged to church by my uncle and God revealed Himself to me. I believed.. there was NO way to deny. But I wasnt ready to follow Him yet..
    in 2005, I literally woke up one day with an urgency to know God, and His Word. I had this sense of urgency, not only for my husband and I BUT mostly to prepare our kids.
    I started watching a chapter by chapter/ verse by verse bible study, started reading the Bible and ever since then God has shown me how perverse our world is. My hubby and I cometely agree with this post, and I just received my carry license yesterday 🙂
    We are on the path to being self -reliant. God intended for us to be self-reliant and to worship Him. Not the government.

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