Tips for Juggling Work and Home

I’ve been a full-time work away from home mama for 30 days as of yesterday.

We are adjusting well as a family and the little one only had a few uneasy days of adjusting to mom not being home.  For about a week he was waking up at 5 or 5:30 and wanting me to hold him.  (Broke this mama’s heart when I had to lay him down let me tell ya.)

I have found a few practical things that have worked well in helping us adjust.

Meal Planning

I know I’ve talked about this before and everywhere you look people are talking about meal planning.  I have realized now more than ever the need for knowing what I’m doing when I get home.

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7 responses to “Tips for Juggling Work and Home

  1. People always say “How do you do it?” as a stay at home mom. I always wonder “How do you do it?!” when you have to work outside the home. Blessings on you and your family Danielle! I hope that someday the Lord will bring you back home. Until then, it sounds like you are doing a great job doing both! 🙂

  2. I’ve found that on mornings when I don’t have plans I’ll bake bread to freeze or refrigerate, as well as prep some buttermilk biscuits and hamburger/hot dog buns.. You can either bake them and freeze them, -OR- mix, knead, separate and rise, then freeze on a cookie sheet and then freeze in bags so when you want to bake them you can just put them in the oven and bake. Also, I’ve learned from our garden to take a day and freeze all the produce on hand so it doesn’t wrot before its used. Then, it’s sliced and ready to be used. Also, (for nights when I’m pressed for time) I’ll throw some onion, peppers, and garlic in the food processor and freeze that in a Baggie. Ready to go! And I found a good pizza dough recipe: (flour, salt, yeast, evoo & water) that gives you 6 doughs, and they freeze very well in baggies. Can also be kept in the fridge and then leave out on the stove or counter to rise all afternoon. Baked ziti is another good freezer meal :).

  3. Terrific post! I worked outside the home for years and it is certainly a juggling act. You seem to have an excellent handle on it! May God continue to bless you with patience, cheerfulness, determination and energy as you journey through this season!

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