Words that Have Changed My Life

Not in order chronological order or order of importance

“Will you marry me and be my wife” ~ Brad Tate

Totally unexpected at that time, yet secretly hoped for.  I knew after our second date that I would marry him.  It has been far from easy but it has been the best ride of my life.

“God’s original intention is his final decision.” ~ Paula White

God doesn’t change his mind. If He said it then it is truth and we can cling to it and hope in it. Remembering this has helped me countless times.

“Never get to a place where you have to depend on a man. Always be able to pick up and walk away and take care of yourself.” ~ Unwise coworker giving “advice” to a young, impressionable girl (me.)

To read more come visit the new More Than Four Walls launched 4/9/12.  Here’s a direct link to this post.


5 responses to “Words that Have Changed My Life

  1. “God will bless people through your hands.”
    Ok that sounds different than expected. At the time that Sandra Brinkley spoke this word to me I was in attendance at a worship conference for youth, of which I was a college-aged counselor and she a parent. I had been worshipping freely during the music set with my, moving my hands in snaps, claps, and gestures. I guess she had been watching me from somewhere. She came up shortly thereafter and spoke those words over me.
    Flash forward about 3 years. I had forgotten all about what Mrs Brinkley had said. I had changed churches and recently met the woman who would become my wife, Tamara. Tamara is deaf and speaks sign language.
    Fast forward again, we are now eleven years happily married with 3 kids. At some point during that eleven years I remembered Mrs Brinkley’s words and they regularly echoe in my mind’s ear. I have become a developing sign language interpreter at our church and Tamara and I have started a ministry to reach out to the local deaf community and help to bridge the gaps that exist between the hearing the deaf.
    Every time some person comes up to me after service and express how they were blessed by my song signing or service interpreting I want to say “yeah, but wait till you need it. See how beautiful it is then.” But then I remember the blessing spoken over me, and I thank God and tell the person “Thank you”

      • Danielle, thanks I do appreciate that. Maybe one of these days I’ll write a post about how I did or did not learn sign language.

      • You should Ed! Signing is such a beautiful language. I think it’s especially beautiful during worship. I would like to learn more. We have been teaching our son (and us too) some useful toddler signs but nothing one can hold a conversation with….unless you want to eat crackers and drink milk while watching birds. 🙂

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