Why We Need to Read Labels & Understand Marketing

Whether it’s “Rate G” or “Family friendly” to “All Natural” or “Farm Fresh” it is very easy to be deceived when we take these claims at face value.

The more I press in to learning and understanding what the Lord wants for my family the more ridiculous TV shows and movies seem to me.  Shows with titles like “V!rgian Diaries” that sound as though they are positive end up only making fun of those who are keeping themselves for their future spouse.  You can’t even watch the Superbowl without seeing “The Bird” although I was please to see Madonna at least semi-covered and no cone boobs.

I will not step down from my TV soapbox and step on my food soapbox.  (Yes, I have two soapboxes today.)

Not only must we be diligent about what we put into our bodies through our eyes and ears but we must also be diligent about what we put into our bodies through our mouths.

To read the rest of this article please visit the new More Than Four Walls site launched 4/9/12.  Here’s a direct link to this article. 

Be Blessed


2 responses to “Why We Need to Read Labels & Understand Marketing

  1. Lovely video about “colin”! LOL !

    When it comes to label reading, I’m much more diligent that I was years ago, but I still find my eyes crossing…. (sigh)!

    I can’t seem to keep up with the:

    eggs are good – eggs aren’t good…. butter is good – don’t eat butter… cane sugar is good – corn sugar is bad… don’t eat meat, don’t eat shell fish, don’t eat…



    • Lori,
      I know what you mean about the flip-flop. I took a traditional nutrition course about year ago and we watched a video of an interview with Michael Pollan in which he said this:

      “There are evil foods and good foods. “At any given time there is an evil nutrient we try to drive like Satan from the food supply — first it was saturated fats, then it was trans fat,” Pollan says. “Then there is the evil nutrient’s doppelganger, the blessed nutrient. If we get enough of that we, will be healthy and maybe live forever. It’s funny through history how the good and bad guys keep changing.”

      It totally made sense to me; eggs where like the plague when I was growing up; now they are good for you. Huh? did the egg change all of a sudden? Umm…..

      That statement was piviotal in opening my eyes to eating more traditianal foods – foods that have been around for centuries: eggs, meat, veggies, butter, milk, grains. I know there’s tons of debate on soaking/spouting raw/steamed, etc but any of the above has GOT to be better for us than Betty Crocker or Chef Boyardee. (I wont’ lie – Betty makes a visit every once and awhile but she only comes every few months and she doesn’t stay long.)

      Read more of Michael Pollan’s 7 Rule for Eating from his lecture to the CDC in 2009 here.

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