(Almost) No Sew Homemade Dry Mop Cloths

I have to admit – this was a “Duh! Why didn’t I think of this sooner” thing.

I love my generic “Swiffer” Dry Mop but spending money on throw away cloths, even generic, was getting to be a hard pill especially since my son likes to “Swiffer” every chance I’ll let him.

He is to the age where he wants feel like he’s helping and contributing.  So when I clean I let him “swiffer the floor.”  

(Notice that we clean before we brush hair – I’m actually not sure why he’s not still in his ‘jammies.)

Then one day last week it hit me……make your own! I contemplated what type of cloth or fabric I should use but I didn’t give it much more thought.

Then, Kate aka Modern Alternative Mama posted about her hand-made mop pads and I was inspired! (Thanks Kate!).

In 10 minutes I made 5 dry cloths with nothing more than a kitchen towel, a microfiber cloth, a maker, scissors and a coloring book (you’ll see). It will take me longer to finish writing this post than it did to make get the project done.

First, I wanted to have a fabric that would hold dirt – a plain cotton t-shirt would not have done well.  Kate’s post reminded me that I have some micro-fiber cloths for dusting (wait, what’s dusting again) that  never get used.  One cloth cut in half made 2 cleaning cloths that fit perfectly on the mop.

Next, I found a waffled kitchen towel. I lined it up with the last of my store-bought cloths. Tripled folding worked great and it made the last three cloths.

It was close to not being enough fabric so I had to be sure I cut straight lines.  I grabbed a permanent marker and a coloring book so I could draw a straight line. (I told you you’d find out about the coloring book.  It was merely my lack of energy to go up the stairs for a ruler).

This towel really was clean its just old and that’s why it isn’t used for dishes any more.

Next I trimmed off some of the length.

And there you have it, 10 minutes, 5 cloths.

The new, reusable, washable cloths work great.  As you can see, I ran it though my unvacuumed kitchen and living room and picked up a considerable amount of hair and dirt.

I originally titled this “No Sew Homemade Dry Mop Cloths” however with the waffle type fabric some sewing is required.  I washed this cloth that you see above and the cut edges frayed.  Unlike a synthetic fabric you cannot melt the edges to keep it from fraying (it’s cotton, so it just burns and well, burns).

I don’t have a sewing machine so I’m going to do a quick hand stitch up the cut sides.  It will be a perfect little “keep-me-from-eating-too-much-crackers-and-dip-while-watching-the-race” activity when we watch the Daytona 500 in a few weeks.   🙂

Of course, if you have a sewing machine (and know what you’re doing) this will take you less than 10 minutes more I’m sure.

Happy “Swiffering” and Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


4 responses to “(Almost) No Sew Homemade Dry Mop Cloths

  1. Too cool! We have a German Shepherd that is ALWAYS depositing hair – everywhere! (little swirls of dog hair are my constant companion). I like the swiffer cloths, but they’re too expensive for the amount of dog hair in my house. Great idea. Thanks so much!

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