Nuts About Granola? Me too!

I am a fan of making granola.  It’s easy to make and the possibilities are endless. 

Now that I’m working outside the home 5 days a week my time in the kitchen is limited.  I am evaluating what I’m going to make and what I’m going to buy.  There are some things that I simply can’t find a good store-bought alternative to or that cost way too much.  Granola however is a different story. 

I was first introduced to Nuts About Granola a few years back by my sister in-law.  I then began to buy it at Sonnewald Natural Foods and eventually started buying it online direct.  I offered to do a review and so you here you have it – my take on Nuts About Granola.

Nuts About Granola is owned by a mother-daughter team from York PA, in the same county I grew up. These days if I have to buy verses make I’d happy to support a local, family owned business like Nuts About Granola.

 What I love about Gayle and Sarah’s granola is that it is made with local and organic ingredients when possible.  The ingredient labels are simple.  You can pronounce everything you see there.  It is simple granola with awesome flavor. The only fault I find is the use of soy lecithin in some of their varieties. It is not in every variety so if you have a soy allergy or you avoid soy you can still enjoy this awesome granola.  It is super fresh when you open the pack which is great. I can’t tell you how long it lasts because at our house it doesn’t last more than four or five days. 

The Plain Jane, the flag-ship variety is a simple yet tasty treat. A crunchy granola with subtle hints of cinnamon it is perfect atop plain yogurt.   I have also used it on top of fresh peaches and homemade whipped cream for a sweet and crunchy treat.  YUM!

The first flavor I was introduced to was College Staple, a peanut butter and jelly granola.  Now don’t panic – there are no gobs of jelly in the granola.  Dried cranberries are added to this slightly moist granola that gives it a perfect hint of “jelly.” I have to confess the first bag I bought I ate in like three days.  By myself.  Oh yes, it’s that good.

Our favorite flavor is Lover’s Combo.  Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Who could ask for more?  There are mini pieces of chocolate sprinkled throughout the granola. I add it to my homemade yogurt or eat it straight out of the jar.

Over all I really enjoy Nuts About Granola.  I urge you to check out their site or if you’re local visit them at Central Market in York or Lancaster Market in Lancaster.  There are also several retail locations carrying the granola.  You’ll find their locations here.  I’m hoping to one day meet them in person by visiting the market (which is a treat all by its self!)

You can fan Gayle and Sarah on Facebook or on follow their tweets via Twitter.

PS – Stay tuned for a chance to win some Nuts About Granola in an upcoming give away I’m working on……


3 responses to “Nuts About Granola? Me too!

  1. This sounds wonderful! We love granola! I’ve tried to make my own, but I just can’t get it right (we are fans of Cascadian Farm.) Before moving to Georgia, I lived in Northern MD, and my husband went to school in York, so I’m familiar with that area…. it’d be nice to support ‘locals’ even though I don’t live there anymore! Thanks for sharing Danielle!

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