Children Learn What They Live

Children are our greatest asset, an inheritance from God.  Satan loves to kill our children.  You need only look at the number of children whose lives are lost every year through abortion, murder and other tragedies not to mention those who are abandoned and neglected.  He especially wants to destroy the lives of Christian Children.  What a threat they are to him.  As parents and grandparents we have a responsibility to pray over our children. We have a right to claim the promises of the Lord for our children and grandchildren. 

After posting about praying for our children my good friend Tabby sent me something I wanted to pass along to all of you…..


Children Learn What They Live

If a child lives with:

Criticism he learns to condemn.
Hostility he learns to fight.

Ridicule he learns to be shy.

Shame he learns to feel guilty.


Encouragement he learns confidence.

Praise he learns to appreciate.

Fairness he learns justice.

Security he learns faith.

Approval he learns to like himself.

Acceptance he learns to live in this world.

Love he learns to love others.

Godliness he learns to love God.

–Author Unknown


 Until Next Time,

 Be Blessed


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