Leading By Example

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If you read my bio you know that I previously worked at home full-time. Now I’m required to “report’ to the office every day.  This loss of time with getting ready for work and commuting has put my (our) schedule in a tailspin. 

I no longer have 2 hours in the morning to do devotionals, prep meals, do light housework or start laundry before I begin my work day.  I need my devotional time so everything else is left undone. 

I have asked the Lord to give me wisdom and strategy for getting my housework done and continuing to prepare our meals mainly from scratch.  He has revealed some things to me and given me some ideas through some reading I’ve done so I need to implement those things in the coming days. 

Years ago I put such pressure on my husband to help around the house on his four days off (he works a 4 on-4 off rotating shift).  In the past year or so I have steered away from demanding he chip in and I would ask only for occasional help if we had a busy week or things got behind.  He would also step up and help if he saw something that needed done though visually he doesn’t “see” those things like I do. 

We are now in a new season of our lives.  I clearly cannot do it all.  I cannot be gone from the house on average of 10 hours a day and still be the sole homemaker.  I need help.  Since I cannot hire a maid, cleaning lady or nanny (if we had that kind of money I wouldn’t be working in the first place) it’s all hands on deck and there’s only 2 1/2 sets of hands.  I’m thinking of giving my 16-month old a chore list.  (just kidding of course, although he is more than willing to attempt to mop the floor or wipe up something with a cloth).

I briefly mentioned to Brad last week that I was going to need some

help and that perhaps on one of his days off he could prep dinner for me or run the sweeper (vacuum) while he’s at home with our little guy.  I didn’t make a production about needing help, no demands or theatrical performances about how horrible this will be. You see, I did that the week earlier and walked around with a chip on my shoulder for four days which just made everyone else around me miserable……but that’s another post….probably about control, emotions and/or repentance.  🙂   I did apologize to him for acting like a child.

I  forgot about our mini conversation and have pondered ways to prep meals and things in the morning so I don’t have so much to do at night when I get home…….

A Nice Surprise

Yesterday afternoon when I walked in the door my wonder husband had prepared meatloaf, grinded 8 cups of spelt grain, did some dishes and otherwise had the house in semi-decent shape.  Peace.  I walked in to peace. 

Do I really want him to have to do these things? No. Does he really want to do them? Yes and no.  It is not his calling to make dinner, nor is it his calling to grind grain or run the sweeper but during this season of our lives we must tag-team this work.  I could try to do it all alone, he could say “I’m the man of house and I don’t do housework.” What would that benefit? What example would that be setting for our son if we do not pull together and get through this as a team; as a family?

A side benefit of things being in some sort of order was that when our little guy was in bed early and Brad and I made popcorn and watched a movie.  We haven’t sat down like that in a long time where I didn’t feel distracted by house work and bills and cooking. 

A Demonstration of Leadership

I liken it to a boss who is willing to get his hands dirty and work with his employees and help out when it’s needed. 

I’ve had several bosses during my 11 year tenure with my present employer.  Those who were willing to help out with the grunt when things got tough or busy have always been well-respected and carried themselves as true leaders.  Even though they had their own set of responsibilities just lending a hand to those of us in the trenches empowered and motivated us.  Those who sat back and washed their hands of the labor that needed done because they had a position of authority were not so respected and didn’t last long in their positions either. 

I realized last night that my husband is showing himself as a true leader. He is setting an example for our son and expressing his love for me by trying to lighten my load. 

Does your husband help you out when things are busy?  Here’s your chance to brag on him.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


3 responses to “Leading By Example

  1. What a beautiful post – so insightful.

    I’ve been reading Dave Ramsey’s newest book “EntreLeadership” and one of the points he makes is that in a small business everyone needs to wear multiple “hats”.

    This can be true in marriage – we all need to wear different “hats” according the needs of the time period. That’s working as a team!

    It’s beautiful that your hubby noticed a need, and responded. He IS being a leader. And everything is just for a time… but the example he’s being will last.

    Our kids are grown and gone – and it’s just Rob and I at home now. Moreover, Rob and I work from home! Boy, is this a different time for us!

    Fortunately, Robert has always looked at most things as “his job”. (I often say he has an over-developed sense of responsibility – LOL) He’s now exploring the world of grocery shopping, and discovering how very expensive everything is… Last evening I watched him as he took on the adventure of a self-checkout lane. What a guy! 😉

    Great post. Thank you.

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