Blog on the Move

More Than Four Walls is on the move! Where are we moving? Well technically we’re not moving yet but we’ve got some plans! 

I am very blessed to have done consulting with June Fuentes from Wise Women Consulting.  What a woman of God who has a heart to help other women earn income by blogging.  From my consultation I’ve prayed about what I am to do next and so far I’ve taken a few steps toward growing the blog.

Connect with Me

I’m now a Twitter tweeter!  @morethan4walls

I now have an email dedicated specifically for blog questions, comments, etc.  email me at stepoffaith4him  at  gmail dot com.   

Revamp and Revision

Over the next few weeks you’ll see some changes around here.  I’m going to revamp my layout a bit.  Please bear with me as I make these changes and leave me feedback either by email or post comment below. 

 Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


One response to “Blog on the Move

  1. Dear father God, help Danielle, give her wisdom and help her in this journey, help her to bring glory to your Name, in Jesus name Amen!!

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