Clabbered Milk Smoothie – An Update

A couple of days ago I posted about some milk I was clabbering for the first time.  Yesterday my son and I tried our the clabbered milk smoothie recipe I mentioned……the results………

……Pretty darn good!

As you can see Wyatt enjoyed his smoothie.  Mom did too.  It was slightly more sour than my homemade yogurt. Nothing too strong though. 

As I usually do, I followed the recipe to the letter since this was my first time using clabbered milk. When I poured the milk into the measuring cup it was a mixture between yogurt consistency and liquid.   The clabbered milk does smell sour but remember, sour is not spoiled.  Spoiled and putrid is what happens to store-bought P & H milk.  Souring is natural  for raw milk. You might find it a bit off-putting but don’t let it freak you out. 

A word of caution: pour gently otherwise the clabber plops out and splashes the liquid all over the counter, the stove….and your face.  (Ask me how i know.)

Over all I thought the smoothie was great.  I would certainly make it again and will use clabbered milk in other variations of my normal smoothies. 

I may not clabber milk every week but at least I know if it sours or ends up forgotten again I don’t need to waste it.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


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