Sourdough English Muffins

My aunt gave me 4 homemade sourdough english muffins at Christmas.  They have become my new favorite food obsession. 

I had talked to her months back but I never tried them figuring I should try to conquer sourdough bread first.  Well, the bread is coming along but I think I’m still doing something wrong.  At any rate, I found this sourdough english muffin recipe over at GNOWFGLINS and they’re GRRRRREAT!  (Tony the Tiger has nothin’ on these babies!)

Here are my notes on the recipe:

Liquid – I use whole, raw milk

Flour – i used 1 1/2 cups of white spelt and 1/2 cup of fresh ground spelt.  The second time I used half white spelt and half fresh ground spelt.  I liked them either way. 

There was some discussion in the comments about the amount of flour needed depending on the altitude at which you are cooking.  Erin, the contributor of this recipe is in Alaska.  Here in PA I did have to add more. I did not measure. I just looked for sticky wet dough.  You should end up with dough not batter.  The first time I made them I followed the recipe to the letter and had more of a batter consistency.  They still tasted great but they spread out almost like pancake batter does when they hit the griddle.  I had to really work to get them back to a decent sized muffin.  With firmer, sticky dough I did not have that problem.

I’ll also note that if you are using spelt or other fresh ground grain it does take a bit longer for the liquid to absorb so don’t dump in too much flour right away.  I added the flour and let the bowl sit 5 minutes or so and then checked the consistency, added some more and then started the rise time.

Soda/Powder – The first time I used baking powder….oops.  They did not rise as much as the second batch but I think the too wet dough contributed to that as well (see the Flour section for those details).

Sweetener – I did use raw honey but was thinking about trying some stevia just to see how it would work.

Rising – I did not dust with corn meal when I laid them out to rise. I’m just not a fan of corn meal. I used a bit of flour. 

“Baking” – I guess your technically cooking these, I’m not sure.  I’m only a wanna be chef so my technical terminology is nill.  My griddle does not extremely hot so mine took upwards of 15 minutes (between both sides) to get finished.  Once the dough hit the griddle I used my turner to reshape any areas that got out of whack from the transfer to the griddle.  There were some I flattened a bit with my turner once I flipped them.  I didn’t want them  domed I wanted them flat top and bottom. 

The Finished Product – Oh my! They are good.  Easy to make and easily doubled if you do batch baking.  I just gobbled up one this morning and I only have one left so I must get some started this morning so I don’t run out!

If you try these please let me know what you think or how you made out.  Better yet, stop by GNOWFGLINS and Wardeh know too! 

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed

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5 responses to “Sourdough English Muffins

    • They are the best! I just ate my last one seconds ago. I am wondering if they freeze well. I am the only one who eats them here and I think a double batch might get moldy tiill I’d get through them all….hum….something to try I suppose!

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