A Clabbered Milk Adventure

When I started reading and learning about real food the first website I came across was The Healthy Home Economist.  Sarah is a no-nonsense kinda gal with some great articles and videos on real food, among other things.  Sarah and I formed a friendship (well not really a real friendship) but nonetheless she taught me that Whey was not just something from the Little Miss Muppet nursery rhyme and showed me how to make cream cheese

I came across yet another real food term I’d never heard before.  Clabbered milk.  What? Exactly.  Clabered milk is raw milk that has soured.  This is not the same as spoiled, putrid store-bought milk that will make you sick.  Soured milk is that clabbers is more like a yogurt. 

Last Sunday I left some extra milk for my son in the church refrigerator.  By the time I realized it and picked it up on Thursday it had soured and started to clabber.  I figure I have nothing to lose so I let it sit out over night and I may feel adventurous to try Sarah’s clabbered smoothie later today. 

We shall see!!!  I will update you when I have a smoothie in-hand. 

Have you ever heard of or tried clabbered milk?

UPDATE! See my update after I made my smoothie here.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed!

This post shared on Monday Maina 1/23/2012


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