A Step of Faith

Decisions, decisions.  Life is chock-full-o choices we have to make.  sometimes they are easy, clear-cut choices with very clear results.  Eat the cake, gain weight, don’t eat the cake, well maybe you still gain weight….especially if you eat 8 of the 12 no bake peanut butter and chocolate cookies you just made……wait…I’m getting off track.

Anyway, sometimes you have a choice and the answer is so obvious you don’t even have to think about it.  Then other times the choices are  obvious but the answers and outcome they give are either not what we’d like to see, will need sacrifices we aren’t sure we can make and ultimately may mean we have to rely more on God then we’re comfortable with.  It’s really a matter of us not trusting Him totally and completely.

God doesn’t always show us the map.  Sometimes we just get GPS directions “turn right in 2.4 miles.”   or how about “quit your job and I’ll take care of you.”  Whoa! Did ya see that one coming?! Who in their right might does that?!  I think sometimes we can’t be in OUR right mind when we follow Him, we have to be in HIS right mind.  Our minds are fickle, feeble and filled with emotions.  A friend did just that, quit her job on His prompting and He totally met her where she was.

Personally I’d prefer the whole map, let me figure it out and decide what the best route is.  This shows my lack of leaning on the Lord.  My need for control and ultimately my lack of trust in Him.  I’m ashamed to admit it but it’s the truth.

The Lord has given me such a desire to be at home with my son.  Six years ago I’d have told you it was crazy to be a stay at home mom.  In fact, when my best friend said she was homeschooling not one, not two but THREE children I thought she was a fruit loop.  (Luckily she knows how much I love her and knows that I admire her willingness to follow the Lord.)  I know this is where I belong and Daddy is making it so uncomfortable where I am that I almost can’t stand it.

I know what the Lord has called me to but I can’t see down the road far enough to be comfortable with making a move.  Lord help me, guide me and give me wisdom to take a step of faith. 

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


6 responses to “A Step of Faith

  1. Danielle,
    (This is a really long reply…)

    I didn’t quit my last job until I was prompted by God. I had wanted to leave for a while, but it wasn’t until I got confirmation from Him before I was confident enough to quit. As soon as I agreed with His (unknown to me) plan, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. At the time, I was engaged, planning a wedding, living on my own and had no other job lined up (in the middle of a recession, no less!)

    Ultimately, it took me six months to find a new job, but it worked out much better than I ever thought. I was blessed enough to have an inheritance to pay for the wedding, and my (soon-to-be-at-the-time) husband helped manage any bills that I needed help with. I was able to move in with his grandmother for a few months until the wedding, and I was blessed with a job that started less than a month after the wedding. In the meantime, I helped a friend out at her daycare for some extra income.

    I realize that staying at home is a vastly different decision than knowing that you’ll find another job, but there is a reason God has put it in your heart. He’ll also give you the strength and confidence when you need it in order for you to make the move.

    I couldn’t see my roadmap. But the roadmap that we need to follow is the one he provides to us between the pages of the Bible.

    (haha…and every once in a while, I write a sentence and think “Wow! Where did that come from?”)

    Good luck!

  2. Hun, God is waiting for you to ask Him to prove to you that His promises are for real! We were so stubborn that God took everything we held dear from us (except our kids) and made us start over. He will provide and He desires a better life m, in fact, God’s plans for your life are so much better than your own. I look at my life now (although we’re still on the journey) and I see how much more incredible God’s plans are than my own were. Take that leap. 🙂

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