On Alert

It’s winter here in PA yet this 50-plus degree weather makes me think of spring when the bees, wasps and other fun bugs start to appear. 

We had a European Hornet problem a few years back.   At least that is what the exterminator said they were.  Let me just say this….it was the biggest horent I EVER saw.  Thinking about them makes my skin crawl and I’m not one to get really creeped over bugs.  They were so bad in our upstairs bathroom that Brad would kill twenty to thirty of them before he could take a shower after work.  I had given up and moved my stuff the downstairs bathroom.  The thought of showering while hornets were gathering outside the curtain was not one I wanted to entertain. I feared being stung in the foot again.  Last time my foot swelled so bad I couldn’t get a shoe on for days.  (Not to mention how irritated I was to have not been stung for like 8 years and then to get stung walking around my house!)

We still end up with hornets and bees in the house; one here, one there especially in the spring.  Whenever I find one then I’m on high alert watching out for more. Peaking over my shoulder, checking the floor before I walk, wearing shoes so I don’t step on one.  Looking in the otherwise mundane spaces of my house to be sure no unwelcome visitors are taking up residence.

Lord help us to be this diligent with the spiritual hornets that creep into our house.  Let us be on the look out and on alert. Not out of fear but with the power and authority we have through Jesus Christ to rid our homes of unwanted bugs.   Our “house” is our home, our church, even ourselves. 

Proverbs 4:34 tells us to guard our hearts, for it is the wellspring of life.  Let us not become complacent. Let us always be watchful and mindful of the lies, the hornets, that creep into our lives and our homes and the church.  Let us rebuke them in Jesus’ name so they may not gain a foothold. 

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


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