Continually Amazed

Some time ago I wrote this about giving.  I had made a committment to give and not expect to receive, especially in the area of clothing donations to our church’s donation bin. 

I haven’t thought much of the subject or of giving in general lately. I bag up stuff from time to time and drop in the bin and I do still take things to the local Salvation Army. Sunday was one such day where we dropped off two garbage bags of clothing into the bin before church.

Monday my mom came for a visit and she brought two bags of clothing for me from her closet.  I didn’t think on that much until Tuesday morning during my prayer time.  The Lord showed me His provision for us and reminded me that he wants to take care of our every need and bless us as we are a blessing to others. 

A friend once commented to me that she didn’t know how I always seem to have so much to give away and how did I have anything left in the house.  I chuckled when she said but the Lord reminded me of that and I realized that it’s a continual flow.  I have more to give because I give.  I am blessed with clothing from my mom because I pass on clothing to those who perhaps are in dire need. 

 The Lord amazes me. I stand in awe.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


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