Saying Goodbye to a Loyal Friend

I am forced to take action that I do not want to take.  My beloved  Lab-Basset mix, Chance must go.  We have had her for five years now.  “Rescued” I say, from people who didn’t do a lot to stop her from wandering away from their farm.

She is such a loyal companion.  She follows me everywhere. E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.  If I go from office to bedroom she gets up and follows me even if all I am doing is grabbing a tissue.  She is fairly good…only the occasional sneaking of food from the counter! She loves walks, though I confess I never took her as much as I should have, and she loves ice cubes.  Her big jowls and saggy basset neck make me laugh.  She doesn’t talk much but when she does she talks with authority.  Her tail wags nonstop and she does not discriminate as to who or what she will beat with this ever-wagging tail.

My Chance girl.

At 98 years of age, or 14 in doggie years, she is fragile, partly deaf we suspect, has hip troubles  and doesn’t really do much.   Brad said she holds the couch down.  I say she does a mighty fine job of if!

Unfortunately, all of this aside she bit our son last week.  Now not a mean, vicious mangling, it was a nip to say “stay off my hips you’re hurting me!”  Wyatt has crawled up on the sofa and flopped on her and it hurt her. She does not understand that he doesn’t want to hurt her.  Wyatt doesn’t understand that he can’t play with her like he does the other dogs.

She was doing to him what she’d do to another dog in the pack if they got too close.  Sadly, Wyatt is not part of the pack.

We did not speak of getting rid of her that day.

Sleeping...what she does best.

The next day she did similar when he got too close.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back as they say.  Brad said she had to go.  My mom said she had to go. My mother in-law said she had to go. I know she has to go.

Knowing this does not make it any easier. It doesn’t make me feel any less like an awful person for promising her I’d give her a good life and love her and then breaking that promise and abandoning her.  She is going to look at me wondering when I’ll be back for her but there will be no going back.  No more ice cubes from mommy’s glass. No more being brushed and getting treats. 

She is not “just a dog.” She was my buddy, my companion, a part of our family.  I cannot fault her for what she did but I cannot allow the chance (no pun intended) for it to happen again and be worse.

xo – I will love you forever, girl.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


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