Girlie Things I Can’t Do

I’m not perfect.  Here’s some proof. 

As I read other blogs from women who are homemakers, entrepreneurs, seamstresses, etc it can be very tempting to compare myself to them and wonder why I’m not good at the same things they are.

Um, that would be BECAUSE I’M NOT THEM. God made me especially the way he wanted me.  I’m learning to embrace who I am, who I’m called to be and to love even what I can’t do and love myself the way I am. 

Here are some girlie things I can’t do (or have no interest in).

Wrapping Gifts  – I just struggled to wrap my husband’s gift from our son and I was reminded again that I am challenge in this area.  Thankfully my husband is a great gift wrapper thus he will be wrapping the rest of the gifts again this year.

Doing my hair – If  women wearing flat tops ever becomes popular that is one bandwagon I might jump on. No matter what products I use or how much effort i put into it I always end up pulling it back because it gets in my face and annoys me.

Home Decor – I’d take everything off the walls and just have nothing. Hate trying to coordinate colors and having symmetrical lines…blah blah blah.

Crafts – I couldn’t come up with a craft project if my life depending on it.  Thank the Lord for google and other people’s blogs with ideas

Jewelry – I don’t need bling. I went through a stint a few years ago where I bought jewelry (thankfully not really expensive stuff) because all my friends always wore nice coordinating jewelry so I should to.  Wrong.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to sell some of it and recoup at least a small part of what I spent (note: reply if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve got! It’s Cookie Lee!)

Hugs – I work with a lady who will hug anyone for any reason.  Co-workers, clients, people at Wal-Mart.  Her hugging does not discriminate.  I hug my son, my husband and if I remember I hug the women at church. 

Nail Polish – For starters I never ever. EVER. wait long enough for coat one to dry before I apply coat two and then it’s sticky and it smudges and it looks like a third grader did it.  Secondly, it chips off in like two days so why bother?

So there you have it.  A not complete list of girlie things that I can’t do and am proud of!  Like I said, I’m learning to love me and this is me.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed


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