Moms Are People Too

“Moms are people too.”

 I made that comment on a Facebook discussion on mom’s needing some down time every once and awhile.

 You might say “I’m not just Jack and Jill’s mom….I’m Sally too”………..I agree

 Or maybe you say  “you’re a mom all the time” or “your life is about your kids when you’re a mom and they are under your care.”

 I agree with that too.

 I’m not walking both sides of the fence.  In my opinion all the above statements are true.  For me, the heart of the matter is what I do in my down time or spare time and how does that affect and reflect on me as a mother and ultimately on my son. 

 Fun for me used to be drinking and clubbing.  But that type of care free did not reduce stress for me.  It actually caused more problems.  It may have been fun for a time but at the end of the day (or the next morning) not only did I feel worse physically but spiritually and emotionally too.  This type of free time took more from me than it put back in.  Even before Wyatt was born I sensed that emptiness and realized that I did not want to continue as I was.

 Now I see that my down time and free time are still away to recharge, get away and do some things I enjoy. But rather than try to forget it all, I give it all to God, spend time in his presence and come back to my job as Mom and Wife refreshed, renewed and ready to give time to my son, and my husband with all of my  heart.   I love to scrapbook so when Wyatt naps and I have a few free hours some evenings I will work on a page or two.  I listen to some music, sing along and work on scrapping stuff.  It gives me a sense of me; of doing something I enjoy that doesn’t involve anyone else.  The same is true for my love of cooking.  When I’m in the kitchen I can think, I can talk to the Lord or I can just relax and make something.  Even if it fails I still feel good.  i also enjoy a good cup of coffee with a friend to catch up and share life. 

 What I say, what do and what I don’t say or what I don’t do are all examples for Wyatt.  No matter if I am in his presence, I am always in His presence.   Having a child has taught me that my actions should reflect the person God is calling me to; not only for my sake and my family’s but to give glory to Him.  I am not perfect, I will make mistakes but I should be choosing words and actions that give God glory more than not.

spa Maybe scrapping and cooking aren’t your thing….maybe it’s shopping with some friends or a spa treatment….what gives you a sense of self and recharges you?

 Until Next Time,


Be Blessed! 


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