My Food Lesson of the Week…..and a New Meal Plan

Last week I was fortunate enough to take part in  GNOWFGLINS free webinar “Quick, Frugal & Healthy: Family-Friendly Snacks” with special guest Katie from Kitchen Stewardship.  Besides getting some great snack ideas for on the go and at home one thing Katie said a few times stuck with me.  While I can’t remember her exact words she basically said variety can be too much of a good thing.  Yes, it’s nice to have variety but having 25 different things to snack on is too much.  A few choices rotated in and out are all you need. 

The night before the webinar was not a good dinner night.  Chicken Croquettes were on the menu however after I cooked the chicken I realized that the prepared mixture needed refrigeration 2-3 hours before assembling the final product and baking.  (I had tried once before to skip the refrigerator part and it did not work.) I was a bit stressed.  So in desperation I threw the chicken thighs in the oven, made some mashed potatoes and lamented in my head about how this was going to be a boring meal.  In the midst of my self-pity my husband walks in and asked what we were having for dinner.  I mumbled “baked chicken, mashed potatoes and a salad.”  His answer….…“Great! We haven’t had plain old chicken in a long time.”

At that moment I had a little epiphany right there in my kitchen.  It’s ok to serve simple meals and it’s ok to eat the same things for breakfast every week.  So long as the meals and snacks are nutritious and there isn’t an overload of one thing (like too much starch, too many carbs, no protein, etc).  I don’t need to server gourmet meals to my husband.   He likes simple food.  It’s ok to have fruit smoothies and peanut butter toast 2 days this week for breakfast.  I don’t need to kill myself with so much variety that meal planning is miserable.  Personally, I like different things and love to try new recipes and I will continue to do so but I don’t need to pressure myself to come up with different recipes all the time.  Stick to the basics and add a few new things as time permits. 


And here is this week’s menu:

Monday         B – Banana or Orange
L – Leftovers
D – Baked Tortellini Casserole w/Salad

Tuesday         B – Orange
L – Cheese & Crackers (homemade sourdough cheese-its
D – Spaghetti & salad
Wednesday   B – Scrambled Eggs
                        L – Tuna Melts
                        D – Tacos
Thursday       B  – Banana & Toast
                        L – Strawberry Smoothie
                        D – Venison Roast in crock pot
Friday            B – Peach Smoothie   
                        L – PB & J’s
                        D – BBQ Chicken, corn & roasted potatoes
Saturday        B – Peach Smoothie
                        L – out
                        D – Mexican Skillet
Sunday          B –Baked Oatmeal
                        L – Harvest Party @ church 
                        D – Spaghetti


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