You’ve Been Called

Too many of us are sitting in the back row of life hoping we don’t get called on.  But the Lord is calling us. He is pointing at us, waiting to see how we respond……

 Look again though, that finger pointing our direction is not a finger of accusation, nor is a finger of shame knowing that we don’t know the answer, haven’t studied and aren’t prepared for the test. 


No, like any father to his child, that finger is outstretched toward us waiting for us to grab hold.  He is calling and He already knows we don’t have the answer. He wants to lead us to the answer.  He is waiting for us to reach up our little hand and grab hold of his mighty finger.  He will steady us, He will help us navigate over the rough terrain of this life and He will lead us where He wants us to go.  Our only response is to respond.  Sounds so simple doesn’t it? We just need to lift up that hand and grab on. 

 Don’t slink down in your seat hoping God passes over you and calls on the next person.  My heart sinks at the though of us, me included, missing out on what God is calling us to because we are afraid, ashamed, wounded or scared. 

 I can remember days when I was in such turmoil because I knew God was calling on me and I was so afraid to respond.  What would my husband say if I started reading my bible before I went to bed? What would my friends think if I stopped going out drinking and went to bible study on Wednesday nights instead?  What about all the awful things I’d done in the past? What if I made a mistake and failed in the future? I wasn’t really worthy of God and I knew I just knew I’d disappoint Him. 

 And I did, at least in my mind.  I back-slid; a few times.  Never too far away just far enough to live in the moment, ignore my callings, my responsibilities and my relationship with Him.  I wanted to live for me.  Marital problems, money problem, they weren’t getting any better so I might as well try return to my former self and have some “fun.”  And the times I walked away, especially the last time I was even more miserable than when I was walking with the Lord.  Please hear me, my walk with the Lord was not and is not miserable, I was making it miserable by having unattainable expectations of myself, too little leaning on God and a distorted view of my relationship with Him.  Drinking, clubbing, and the like did not help.  They made me feel good for a few hours but the hangover, naturally and spiritually, lasted for way longer than the buzz I had the night before.  Looking for acceptance and freedom in that way was only chipping away at my soul. 

 I have found that even after all that, He’s still right here.  His finger is still outstretched, pointing toward me.  As I grab hold I realize that He knew He just knew I do all of those things and He still wants to love me, lead me and use me.   He’s calling me to something more.  He’s asking me to respond to the call on my life.  Mind you, I’m not 100% sure I know yet what the call is but I am going to respond.   

 The same is true for you dear friend, God is calling on you, not with an accusing finger but with a strong, mighty finger set before you to heal you of your past hurts, turn your fear into peace, your shame into joy and you ashes into beauty. He’s calling you to something else in life….

Let go of that dry, dead finger of the world and grab hold of that which is full of life.

 Until next time,

 Be Blessed


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