I wrote this August 8th, 2010 a very 8-months pregnant sitting on our deck, one of my favorite places to spend time.

Sitting on the deck this morning watching two squirrels play (or fight; not sure which) about 4 stories up in the trees it amazed me how they would jump and run from branch to branch with almost total abandon.  They didn’t calculate the risk or seem concerned with the ramifications of falling over 40 feet to an almost certain death.  They didn’t stop to ponder that they tiny branches to which they clung could at any minute bend past the breaking point. 

God gave them the natural ability to climb, balance and jump high in the trees.  This is necessary for their individual survival and the survival of their kind.  There’s no Squirrel University that teaches the 10 Points to Limb Swinging (at least none that I am aware of).  These skills come naturally  to the squirrel; he doesn’t have to worry that today he’ll forget how to hold on or how to stay balanced. 

And so it is with us.  God made us and gave us each gifts, talents and natural ability to do what He has called us to in life.  We cannot take these gifts for granted. Once we know what the Lord has blessed us with we must show Him reverence and praise by using those gifts.  Like the squirrels we cannot worry about every seeming danger or “what if”.  We must jump knowing that God is in control and that He will catch us if we do fall.

If a squirrel decided that she was not going to leave her nest because of her overwhelming anxiety and fear of falling how long would she survive? How long would her babies survive?  If the majority of the squirrel population had this gripping fear what would happen to the species?

If you and I are too afraid to use our natural God-given abilities what will happen to us? To our families? To the church……our friends….the world? Physical death? Spiritual death? Is not our talent and ability a testimony to God? How else will people know what our Lord can do if we not use what He gave us and give Him the glory?   

So don’t hesitate….JUMP!!


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