The Only Thing Worth Dying For and Some Other Thoughts

Of the many words spoken over the last two weeks these phrases have stuck out, shining so brightly that I cannot get them out of my head.

“What you do is no longer about yourself but about your children and your children’s children.”

“Is what you’re living for worth dying for?” 

I cannot agree more with the first statement.  Once you are a parent life no longer about yourself.  Yes, you  need time alone, time with your spouse, etc.  But the big picture of your life is now not about what you want but what is in the best interest of your children and their future.  Everything I do and say he absorbs. It becomes his idea of normal.  So I ask myself am I speaking into his life even at this young age?  Am I being an example of a respectful, godly wife? Am I displaying humbleness, modesty and love (just to name a few)?  I am not a soft-spoken girly girl and I probably never will be.  I don’t want to become someone I’m not I just want to become the someone God has called me to be.  Can I be modest, humble and respectful without loosing my personality? He is showing

Today I heard the second statement.  “Is what you’re living for worth dying for?”  Stay there for a moment……………Let that sink in…………Really………go back, read it again, think about it………………

Realizing (or admitting) what you are living for is the hard part.  Am I living my life with a kingdom minded view? Am I living to please other people or please the Lord? Do I worry too much that someone might think I’m weird? Am I sold out for the Lord, willing to do and go where He wants me to go?  I feel the Lord calling me to a deeper place with Him and I must put off worrying about other people.  I struggle with this; I always have.  But pleasing others is not worth dying for.  Pleasing God is worth dying for.

Wether it is physical death or simply death to those things in our lives that are not of God, it surely it the only thing worth dying for.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed



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