What Happens When We Worship

Last Sunday night at church someone shared an audio clip of a teaching where a husband and wife team were discussing the spiritual sacrifice of worship and why we must all embrace our unique style of worship.  I’ve been wanting to share this but I did not catch the speaker’s names so I was waiting.  I can wait no more though as I feel strongly to share……

When we make a sacrifice of worship, of our unique, God-given style of worship, it lifts up and knits together with that of other worshippers like a quilt.  That quilt of worship rises to heaven and the Lord stands up from His throne and the angles place the quilt on the throne. The Lord wraps himself in it.  He looks at each square in that quilt and he says “Ah, yes.  Look here at this beautiful sacrifice from my son.  Oh my, daughter, what a magnificent act of worship. I love you.”

I was so blessed by this description.  I likened it to when our children hand us a drawing they made just or us or a clover they picked from the yard just for us.  To the world it may seem silly but to us it is a precious gift from our child and we treasure it. 

And so it is with the Lord.  He treasures our sacrifice of worship. Flags, tambourines, clapping, dancing, quite stillness, face-down on the floor.  He loves it all and he cherishes it dearly. 

How are you called to worship? Embrace it!

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed! 

**Note; my recount is not verbatim.  I will ask on Sunday who the speaker was in the clip and update this post when I know.

**Update – This was from Don & Christine Potter 5/28/2011 – From Religion To Relationship.


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