Weekly Meal Plan 9/19-9/25

Well here we go!  As part of the Plan it! Don’t Panic! Meal Plan Challenge I’m posting my meal plan for next week.

I also wanted to share a nifty Excel templates I found from Vortex42 that you can download for your meal planning.  If you’re not an Excel master you can use it as is and it would work great.  If you know and understood Excel it’s even better the bulk fo the work is done; all you need to do is tweak it as you’d like.

If you have any questions about the planner template feel free to reply and I’ll try by best to help you.

So here’s what’s on the menu next week:

Breakfast – Pancakes w/strawberries
Lunch – Tuna Melts
Dinner – Lasagna & Salad

Breakfast – Bacon Quiche
Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Venison Roast

Breakfast – Smoothies
Lunch – Cheese & Crackers & Grapes
Dinner – Tacos

Breakfast – Baked Oatmeal
Lunch – Grilled Cheese & Fruit
Dinner – Pan Fried Trout, Roasted Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole

Breakfast – Fruit
Lunch – PBJ’s
Dinner – Crockpot Goose

Breakfast – Yogurt w/granola
Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Sloppy Joes, French Fries, Salad

Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs
Lunch – PBJ or Leftovers
Dinner – Deer Steaks, Mashed Potatoes, Corn


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