New Ebook – Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts on Sale Now

Fellow blogging friend Kate has put the finishing touches on her new ebook “Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts” and she’s having a sale to celebrate.

Visit her site, Modern Alternative Mama, and check it out.

Kate’s recipes are great and they really show that eating nutritious, real food doesn’t have to be boring.

The little things in this book make a big difference; like using honey or maple syrup in her icing recipe to great a sweet icing that doesn’t have refined sugar.

You’ll find recipes for things like:

Chocolate Eclairs                                                                                                                                                                      Carrot Cake                                                                                                                                                                                  Brownies                                                                                                                                                                                            and Cinnamon Rolls (and who doesn’t love a good Cinnamon Roll??)

Here’s the sale going on now through September 2, 2011.  Enter the code during checkout for your savings.

50OFFDESSERT = 50% off the first 50 copies (or through 11:59 PM on the 29th)

DESSERTLAUNCH35 = 35% off through 8/30 at 11:59 PM EDT

DESSERTLAUNCH20 = 20% off through 9/2 at 11:59 PM EDT

In addition,all of Kate’s other  ebooks are 10% off with code 10OFFEBOOKS through Friday, Sept. 2nd.


(A shout out to Kate who has a new 3 week old baby boy too.  At three weeks postpartum I wasn’t even thinking about cooking or being on the internet so way to go Kate for bouncing back so quickly! Diet surely has an impact!)


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