Finding My POV

I’m a sucker for a cooking show.  I have learned a great deal from watching Ina, Giada, Bobby and Paula. I admit it – I am a food nerd.  I wish I could say I was a “foodie” but I do not feel I have quite the level of skill or knowledge to be “there” yet.  So I watch and I gather knowledge, skills and recipes.  I love Bravo’s Top Chef (not so crazy about BRAVO in general but love TC) and Food Network’s Next Food Network Star, although I wasn’t crazy about Arti Party last season…snooze! But I digress. 

One thing they talk about on NFNS is the contestant’s POV; Point of View. What is the theme and overall tone of the show, what concepts are they trying to bring to the table?  Whitney Chen’s goal is for the viewer to “give every day food 4-star flare.” Jeff Mauro’s is “turn any meal into a sandwich and any sandwich into a meal.” (which incidentally I think is great and I hope he wins!)

Then there is, or should I say was, Jyll Everman. A great gal, talented cook but her POV was all over the place in the beginning of the show.  She really didn’t know what she wanted to talk about.  She was on one topic, then another, then a third.  In one interview between her and the judges she spouted off three or four different POV’s on one sentence.  I think it almost made Bobby’s head spin.  I empathize with her.  That is how I feel about this blog.  I felt, feel, that I am to have this blog but I seem to have lost my POV.  I love to journal my real food journey, I enjoy writing and sharing about our budgeting; even the struggles and I want to convey other family and marriage issues too. 

Can all this be done in one place? Is it too much? What is God telling me to do? I have been praying about this which is why I have been silent for a few (or more) weeks.  I only want to write what the Lord wants me to write.  Otherwise, if it is not anointed by Him it will just be a struggle, a chore that I don’t want to do. 

Rather than ramble aimlessly or repost articles from others I have been silent.  I have not given up I am just searching for my POV…….

Until Next Time – Be Blessed!


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