Lesson Learned In Delaware

We recently spent a weekend with my husband’s family in Delaware on the Indian River.  We have been there probably a half-dozen times in the last 2 years but this was the first trip with our 9 month-old.   While most of the family went fishing Brad’s Aunt and I took the little guy to Rehoboth Beach for his first beach outing.  In 4 hours I learned several things…… here they are, in order of which they were learned.   

Lesson Number One

Leaving at 8am for the beach on a holiday weekend is not crazy.

It is the ONLY acceptable time to drive down Route 1.  We hit no traffic on the way to the beach.  For those of you who visit or live near the beach you know how traffic is, especially on a holiday weekend.  Not only did we have zero traffic to contend with but we were able to park within a block of the beach. Thank you Lord!

Lesson Number Two

The wave you don’t see coming always comes.

After testing out the sand we headed to the water.  We found a nice little spot a respectable distance away from the crashing waves where the water would gently roll over my little pumpkin’s toes and legs.  A few splashes…..ahhh….a little excitement as the next wave approached….ahh. then  few minutes passed and waves didn’t even get within 5 feet so we move closer…..another few little calm waves of water……mom gets down on her knees to get better leverage so buddy can kick and play….then….SPLASH!!!….the wave came…..

  By the time I saw it and started to lift him up it was too late.  I must say though, good photography by Aunt Bonnie capturing the moment. 


He only cried for a minute.


Lesson Number Three

Never, ever leave the house without a stroller, even when you think you won’t need it.

Seriously, who wants to walk around a community yard sale in near 90-degree heat with a baby in a Baby Bjorn?  He didn’t seem to mind but I was a bit hot. 

 Lesson Number Four

 Huggies Little Swimmers are made for water…..not for travel.

We did things slightly backward.  I left a diaper on the baby when we went to the water’s edge because I didn’t think he’d get “that wet”.  So after lesson two I stuck a Little Swimmer on him, changed his clothes and off we went.  At the community yard sale we hit two houses but decide we should apply more sun screen on him so we stop at the van to rub him down.  Suddenly my foot started getting wet….and I see water running.  Nope, not water…pee.  Yep, pee. He peed on me.  He peed on him.  He peed on the Baby Bjorn.  Apparently Little Swimmers are designed for in the water and that’s about it because they don’t hold a lot of pee. 

Lesson Number Five

Just because it’s a “Community Yard Sale” does not mean the whole community participates. 

After all of the above there weren’t even that many families participating in the yard sale and the ones that did didn’t have very nice stuff.  It was a bust. 

Lesson Number Six

Old Navy flip flops are not meant to be worn for three summers.

I have a thing about using stuff to its fullest capacity. Unfortunately sometimes I go a little over board with that concept.  I mean really, they are “2 for $5.”  They are not meant to last for years.  They probably should have been thrown away after summer number one but noooo I wear them again last year and think that I can get just one more year out of them.   Well, my feet hurt and Mr. Flip Flop is meeting Mr. Trash can and I am running to the Old Navy Outlet tonight. 

Lesson Number Seven

  It’s all in what you make of it.

My husband has been telling me that for years.  I guess I’m a slow learner.  I am so thankful that no bad attitudes or negativity crept in.  Even the baby was happy and he did not have a morning nap! We had fun even if it wasn’t a perfect trip.  I think it’s the imperfect trips that make the best memories. 

 Thank you Lord for beautiful weather and special memories made today. 

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed!


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