A Reflection on Mother’s Day

As I reflect on my first Mother’s Day I can barely put into words the gratitude and praise I have toward the Lord.  The entire process of conception, pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood is amazing and truly a gift from God.  The fact that He picked me to be a mother amazes me.  He has chosen me (and you too if you’re a mom or ever will be) to bare fruit that will carry on His plan to bring Christ to the world.  WOW.  

On Mother’s Day we had a guest speaker, John Marke Poole.  He spoke of a mother’s role and how God planned birth as part of his legacy and heritage.  Not only are we created in His image but we are birthed as part of His plan and every mother’s child is part of that plan.  No human life no matter what the circumstances surrounding conception is a waste or an accident.  We as adults may have made a mistake or maybe we weren’t given a choice to conceive but I promise you God wanted the baby you had/have/will have for His plan.  The enemy may have meant for your “mistake” to ruin you but God did not. 

Be encouraged that no matter what the earthly circumstances are in your life at this time your role as a mother was God ordained.  Do not beat yourself up for your shortcomings.  Celebrate your victories, as for forgiveness when you mess up and praise Him for the little miracles He’s given you (even when the drop a dozen eggs, put the remote in the fish bowl or  try to brush the cats teeth.)

  I hope that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed!


One response to “A Reflection on Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks, Danielle. Soo true and good. I also am amazed that He has given me the honor of being a mom to my amazing girls. It’s the best calling in the entire world!!!
    PS… you are an amazing mom… it’s beautiful to see!

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