To Dry or Not to Dry; That is the Question (Some Thoughts on Balance)

I don’t feel good today.  I have a touch of “something” that has made me a bit weak and tired.  But like most of us I have a list of things to do a mile long.  Clean out the refrigerator, do the laundry, run the sweeper (yes I know it’s called a vacuum but we’ve always called it a sweeper), pay bills, and prep some things for tomorrow’s Super Bowl party (go Packers!). 

My wonderful husband ran the sweeper and mopped the kitchen for me which gave me time to grab a 20 minute nap.  Now he’s off to run some errands and I’m left with a dilemma (and a lesson in balance.)

I rarely run my clothes dryer.  Bed clothes in the winter and dog blankets are about the only thing I dry in the dryer.  One of my good friends said she laughs every time she drives by my house in the summer and sees socks hanging on my wash line.  I think the funniest was when I was washing baby clothes in preparation for Wyatt’s arrival – I had a whole clothes line full of onsies, socks and sleepers.  I took a picture for memory’s sake.  By not using the dryer I was able to get our winter electric bill down to less than $100.00 per month and save considerably in the summer too.   

But hanging up every load takes time and with limited space this time of year clothes must be hung up inside which means I can only do two small loads a day. I have to stay consistant and do laundry often.  This week I didn’t do any laundry, I just fell behind, so now I have probably four loads plus bed sheets.  So what do I do now?  I run the dryer.  Yes, our electric bill will be a little higher, but my life will be easier. 

I cannot get legalistic about running my dryer.  We have the dryer, it works and it gets used only when necessary.  Today it is necessary.  This is balance.  I have made a commitment to not using relying on my dryer every time I do wash but if I say I will “never” use it and then beat myself up when I do what have I gained?  With the exception of our commitment to Christ and our moral standards, every day things in life need balance.  I’m sure you’ve tried to diet and have said “I will not eat any chocolate ever again!”  How long did that last? Chocolate was around every corner wasn’t it? Ha ha! (I laugh with you, not at you.) Wouldn’t it be better to say “I will cut out chocolate except I will have one piece of my favorite chocolate snack on Saturday afternoons?”  Doesn’t that make it easier to live with?

There is a second part of balance which is not feeling guilty.  You see I can very quickly let my mind convince me that we’ll never get out of debt because I’m running the dryer or that other women don’t have this problem.  They work sun up to sun down sick, tired, blind folded with one arm tied behind their backs and their houses are spotless and they don’t run their dryers.  Nonsense!  We must avoid this kind of unproductive thinking.  It does us no good and do not help us solve our problems or get our work done. 

So today my dryer will run, all of my laundry will be clean (and my some miracle put away) and I may even get a second nap!

In what areas could you use a little balance? Comments welcome below

Until next time, be blessed!


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