Welcome to More than Four Walls, a blog dedicated to sharing my journey of building a strong, Christ-centered home and balancing the demands of every day life

So what’s with the name? Glad you asked!  Your house is not merely a building in which people reside or a dwelling place.  Within your house is a home and a home is should be a place of refuge, a place of learning, nurturing and stability.  It is more than four walls. 

Building a home takes practice, time, resources, a strong leader and a willing team…..and I’m not talking about building the structure.  I’m talking about building something much, much bigger.  Something that will last through floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and fires.  Something that will withstand the test of time and the trails of life.  I’m talking about more than four walls.

Our homes are where we nourish yourselves and our families. It’s where life happens. This nourishment comes in many forms; spiritual, emotional, physical – all are essential to the family bond. I want to share with you the things I am learning these areas. From budgeting to the “real food movement” I hope to post stories of that will interest you and help you learn.

What about Balance, what does that mean?
If we do not have balance in our lives things quickly get out of hand. I think women find balance especially difficult. If you are a woman and you get out of bed each morning you can probably use some balance in at least one aspect of your life. We juggle jobs (in the home and out of the home), husbands, children, friends and hopefully a relationship with Jesus. So how do we dance to the beat of life and not lose step? I don’t have the answers…but I’m learning!

My vision for this blog is that it will be a place of honesty and openness.  Where stories of my journey will be a blessing and encouragement to others.  My goal is to share with you my trials and triumphs and everything in between in hopes that you will find a nugget or two of useful information for your own home building journey. Perhaps a recipe that will bring nourishment or a time-saving tip will help with your busy schedule.

Until next time, be blessed!



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